About the Mysteries

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My third Kyle Callahan Mystery, ‘Death in the Headlights – Featuring Detective Linda’ is finally out! The Kindle version’s now on Amazon, and the print will be up in a day or two. I’m calling this one a gay cozy, if you know what cozy mysteries are (no sex, very little violence, small town, usually a female sleuth).

BONUS: for the next five days you can get the first two mysteries, Murder at Pride Lodge and Pride and Perilous at no cost on your Kindle (just follow the title links). Settle in and take a ride on the mystery train as we head for the next station. It promises to be a killer!

Death in the Headlights – out now!

It’s been six months since the murders at the Katherine Pride Gallery in Manhattan. Kyle Callahan and his partner Danny Durban head to rural New Jersey for a relaxing week with their dear friend, Detective Linda Sikorsky, recently retired and newly in love. After an intimate dinner with Linda and her fiancée Kirsten, they drive back to Linda’s small house in the woods and discover the body of Abigail Creek, run off the road on a bicycle wearing only her nightgown and slippers. Kyle and Linda quickly find themselves learning more than they want to know about the Creek family and the home they call CrossCreek Farm. In the words of Clara Presley’s grandmother, “Whatever grows there, grows in the shadows.” Come along as Linda and Kyle make their way into the shadows and enter the spider’s web, determined to find out who in this family of spiders is the deadliest one.

Signing books at the Brooklyn Book Festival

“Murder has never been this much much.” That has been my tag line for these books nearly since I wrote the first sentence of ‘Murder at Pride Lodge’ almost two years ago. I was not out to write the Great American Novel, if such a thing even exists anymore. I was simply out to write a rip-roaring good read, fast-paced and sometimes diabolical, featuring characters I could imagine populating my own life if solving murders was a central part of it.

The Kyle Callahan Mysteries are the culmination of a lifetime of writing; not so much an apex, as a destination reached after forty-plus years. I started writing short stories as a child for my own entertainment. From there I moved into poetry and spent a decade filling spiral notebooks with my teenage, angst-ridden version of confessional poetry. Then it was back to fiction, as I began to have my stories published in the early 1980s. Writing is a restless master, and I found myself spending yet another decade – that seems to be a cycle for me – writing plays and having them produced, with the last being in 2002 at New Jersey Repertory Company. And then, finally, full circle, back to fiction, my first, oldest, truest love.

Which brings me to The Kyle Callahan Mysteries. I’m in my 50s now and enjoying one of the best decades of my life. I wanted to write a mystery series featuring a mature male couple: Kyle Callahan and Danny Durban. I wanted to write about what I know: being a man in the last third of his life who intends to enjoy it, see what I can see, experience what there is for me to experience. I wanted to populate these mysteries with my peers – and the characters’ peers – all aging, some not so gracefully. And above all, I wanted to have fun. I hope you’ll have fun with me. Come along, meet the characters, see if you can figure it out, and let’s all take a ride on the mystery train.

They Asked Me Anything – on Reddit Books

Here’s a short clip about my Reddit experience. I have to say that as a 55 year old man who chose an unconventional path, it meant a lot to me to be asked about my writing and my life as a creative person. It makes up for all those days over the years when I wondered why I didn’t just give up. It’s not about money, it’s about fulfillment. I’m very touched by these nice people asking their nice questions. You can read the comment thread here.

And now for a short reading …

This is a short reading from my new short story, ‘The Seer’, available on Amazon now for just $1.25. “Death is the father,” he said. “Apocalypse is the child.” What do a two thousand year old man and a young couple about to have their first child have in common? Find out as their world are about to collide in modern day Manhattan. See for yourself what is to come, and what is gone forever.